Advanced Placement (AP)
2017-08-07 00:10:12
Can someone help me finish my response essay for my ethics class? This is what I have so far. (P.S. I do not men write it for me, I mean help me with it). Thank you The northern spotted owl is a bird that does not migrate and are native to old forests of Washington and Oregon in the US Pacific North-West. They need trees with multi-layered branches to nest. In 1986, the species was on the endangered list because of the habitat loss from extreme logging. This has lead to controversy in terms of the owls being more important than the lumber industry or vice versa. In my opinion, I think that this is a difficult situation the lumber industry is in because it is either taking away people’s jobs or taking away the owls’ habitat. If I were to choose which one was more important, I would choose in saving the owls. Humans’ lives are equally important with animals.
2017-08-07 06:59:11

Hi There..... To help with the response I would state it as following; Although the lives of the owls are important, the lives of humans are as important or more important.  My theory is supported by the fact that the owls could not continue to live without the help of mankind.  Owls should be protected but they cannot without the help of humans.