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Name 3 Famous Battles from World war 1 and 2 from world war 2
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Battles of Mons from Ww1, DDay, and Battle of Midway from Ww2

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Three famous battles from WWI and WWII would be the Battle of the Somme in 1916 (WWI), Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941 (WWII) and Stalingrad from November 1942 to January 1943. The Battle of Somme in 1916 was vital in WWI as it was one of the worst battles in the history of Britain, resulting in over 50,000 casualties on the first day of battle. French and British forces were combined against the Germans, and their main goal was to gain grounds. The main reason why this was a failed attempt was the lack of artillery and the fact that the German soldiers were mainly protected due to their trenches. Pearl Harbor was an important battle in WWII because the Japanese bombed the main American naval base. This destruction of Pearl Harbor, an event that only lasted an hour and a half, resulted in the Japanese taking over south-east Asia.  The battle of Stalingrad is seen as the turning point of WWII as the Nazis would not make advances with the USSR. The major German surrender was when the Sixth Army in Stalingrad was captured. At this point, the Nazis were now defensive instead of offensive as they were before this point.