2015-11-07 00:26:27
Billy wants to make trail mix using almonds, peanuts, and raisins. He wants to mix one part almonds, two parts peanuts, and three parts raisins. Almonds cost $12 per pound, peanuts cost $8 per pound, and raisins cost $6 per pound. Let x represent the number of pounds of almonds. a. Billy has $23 to spend on the trail mix. Write an equation to find the number of pounds of almonds Billy will be able to buy. b. Determine how many pounds of trail mix he can make
2015-11-07 01:26:27

Let "6x" be the # of lbs he can make. -------- 1 part almond ; 2 parts peanuts ; 3 parts raisin Quantity: x almonds costs 12x dollars 2x walnuts costs 9*2x = 18x dollars 3x raisins costs 5*3x = 15x dollars ----- Equation: 12x + 18x + 15x <= 15 dollars 45x = 15 dollars x = 1/3 dollar ---- Quantity = 6x lb = 2 lb Hope I helped Brainliest if satisfied :D