2015-11-08 05:13:42
How did food surpluses change the way of life in early human settlements?
2015-11-08 08:10:02

Hello My Dear Friend! The Question is clearly asking how did food surpluses change the way of life in early human settlements? ... The important part here is the food surplus - it means that there was more food than necessary, which means that some people could afford not having to produce food and they engaged in other activities, such as government or religion.  So, among ALL The Options, The Correct Answer would 100% be: Option: "Villages needed to organize governments". I Hope my answer has come to your Help. Thank you for posting your question here in [latex]Brainly.[/latex] We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead! :) [latex](Ps. Mark As Brainliest IF Helped!)[/latex] [latex]-TheOneAboveAll :D[/latex]

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Having a surplus of food is what originally created society, and would later go on to influence government and capitalism. A surplus of food meant that you were able to sell some to your neighbor, friend, or anyone else who wanted it. The person who could grow the most food could sell the most, and was considered more important than everyone else. This eventually led to them becoming a "leader" if you will, in their form of government. Later on, it led to people born in higher families not needing to farm, as they could just buy their food.