2015-11-09 15:53:27
Gary earns $12 an hour plus $16 an hour for every hour of overtime. Overtime hours are any hours more than 30 hours for the week. Part A: Create an equation that shows the amount of money earned, M, for working x hours in a week when there is no overtime. (3 points) Part B: Create an equation that shows the amount of wages earned, T, for working y hours of overtime. Hint: Remember to include in the equation the amount earned from working 30 hours. (3 points) Part C: Gary earned $408 in 1 week. How many hours (regular plus overtime) did he work? Show your work. (4 points)
2015-11-09 19:26:30

pay=pay per hour times hours A. M=12x B. for more than 30, so T=amoutn earned already (30hr normal)+overtime T=12(30)+16y T=360+16y C. hmm, 360 is if worked 30 hours, the rest is overtime so 408=360+16y where y is overtime minus 360 both sides 48=16y divide both sides y 16 3=y 3 hours of overtime