2015-11-09 22:44:42
Corinne has a job selling magazines. She earns $7.50 per hour plus 20% of the total amount of her sales. She also gets an allowance of $40 per week for gas. She knows her weekly earnings can be shown using the following expression: 7.50h + 0.20s + 40 Part A: Identify a coefficient, a variable, and a constant in this expression. (3 points) Part B: If Corinne works for 25 hours and sells $300 in magazines, how much does she earn for the week? Show your work to receive full credit. (4 points) Part C: If Corinne gets a raise and begins earning $9 per hour, would the coefficient, variable, or constant in the equation change? Why? (3 points) (10 points)
2015-11-10 00:42:22

Plugging B into the equation, we get 7.5(25)+(300*5/100)+40=187.5+15+40= 242.5 dollars For C, since she gets 7.5 dollars per hour, we simply change the 7.5 to 9. Since 7.5 is a number multiplied by a variable, it is a coefficient.