2015-11-11 14:53:27
For 25 Points: Read the excerpt from the Emperor Hirohito’s declaration of war. What is the emperor’s purpose in this passage? Eager for the realization of their inordinate ambition to dominate the Orient, both the United States and Britain, giving support to the Chungking regime, have aggravated the disturbances in East Asia. Moreover, these two powers, inducing other countries to follow suit, increased military preparations on all sides of our Empire to challenge us. They have obstructed by every means possible our peaceful commerce, and finally resorted to a direct severance of economic relations, menacing gravely the existence of our Empire. A. to list the reasons to go to war A. to highlight the safety of the nation A. to show that the West is weak A. to demonstrate East Asia’s power
2015-11-11 16:41:17

The Emperor is explaining the reasons to go to war

2015-11-11 16:42:32

i think the answer would be A. to list the reasons to go to war