2015-11-13 01:21:27
What is the... The quotient of 24 and twice a number (And) Four times a number decreased by two. in a number expression form for Algebra 1. The variable/ letter you have to use is "n"
2015-11-13 07:10:34

To solve problems like these, we simply need to break down the words and form the equation. In this case, we start off with "The quotient," so we know we are talking about division. Next, we see "of 24 and," which means it has to be "24/ something." 24/ Finally, for this one, we see "twice a number." Number almost always means the variable (n), while twice means 2. This gives us 2n. 24/2n Using the reasoning above, we can see that the first problem could be represented by 24/2n. For the second problem, we can use the same reasoning on different values. We start off with "4 times," which can be represented as 4*. 4* Next, we have "a number," which as stated previously, is almost always our variable (n). 4*n OR 4n Finally, we have "decreased by two." Decreased generally refers to subtraction, while 2 is the value we are subtracting. 4n-2 Using the reasoning above, we can see the equation to represent the second problem is 4n-2.